A Days Diving at Chesil, Dorset

Diving is an expensive sport, that is a truth, learning is expensive, the kit is expensive, once you have the kit the new shiny bits of better kit are expensive, boats are expensive and so on and so on… However you can have a fantastic days diving for less than you think!

So I met Mike on the way and we shot down to Chesil, on the way down we stopped off at Lidl to grab a BBQ and some food and drink for the day. Once there we met Andrew and Sian and a couple of other s who were there already and the usual hump and dump of all the kit (which is all bloody heavy) out of the cars and down the pebble beach. It was a sweltering day and this proved to be sweaty work.

Once on the beach we prepped our kit and got in the boil in the bag dry suit only to find out that Sian had the wrong hose for her dry suit and that we would have to stagger the dives. Not a problem, but I was already sweating like a mad man!

Once Mike and Andrew got out it was our turn, we jumped in and once Sian had got down we continued out west, seeing allsorts of wildlife and plants, the visibility was a little poor, but still, I have dived worse. We came across a couple of cuttle fish that were happy to swim away, watching the change of colour as they did! Eventually they gave us the two-finger salute, so we took the hint and buggered off south!

On the way back in Sian was having buoyancy problems so the dive was cut a little short and we swam into shore! This was the first time I had seen cuttle fish completely change colour, and it was a pretty cool sight!

Once out, we added weight and hopped straight back in, to be greeted by two huge jellyfish, just blubbering along! These were very cool and as big as the ones I had seen a couple of weeks before! This dive was a little bit longer and although we saw loads more crabs, fish and jellies, I don’t know what I’m really looking at, but at the end of the day its all pretty and I enjoy it…one day I will do some research and find out.

The day finished with a couple of BBQs on the beach as the sun set, with burgers and sausages, before getting the kit back to the cars and the long drive home, looking forward to work on the Monday…honest!

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