Caving, Fairy Cave and Hilliers Cave

We have often climbed at Fairy Cave and seen all the cave entrances and wanted to have a trip down there. So finally we got our trip! Please excuse my lack of knowledge as for caving lingo etc… but only a few trips down, I’m not quite there with the correct knowledge, although hopefully a lot more to go in the future.

So we entered into Fairy Cave and planned to exit out of Hilliers, and it was a little more dirty than the previous caves we had been in, but this was still good fun. Tim led the way, so my job was to follow and not get stuck! As some bits felt a little tight but not as tight as the last cave we were in… not that I can remember the name of it. The highlight of the cave was Cambridge Grotto in Hilliers, absolutely amazing! The formations were fantastic and although I do not know what they are called, it’s still easy to appreciate, although would love to see something that is more complete!

After a couple of hours underground, we finished the day off with pizza and chips at the Cerberus Speleological Society Hostel, followed by a few beers and bed to prepare for tomorrows climbing!

Fairy Cave Climbing

So after a few hours under Fairy Cave Quarry the day before it was time, to have a few hours climbing to the top of it, this time with me and jess leading the way and Tim following. We did three routes today, starting with Robs Crack! This is the climb that I’ve meant to do every time I’ve recently been to the quarry, but either someone’s on it, or rains stops play, or just don’t get round to it! However I finally done it, and yes it’s the best climb I’ve done in the quarry! Due to the never-ending crack, protection was plentiful, and the climbing was simple enough to enjoy whilst still be challenging enough not to be on cruise control.

Next up was back to basics, and Jess led this, with Tim and me seconding. We have climbed this before, but it was a while ago, and remembered it being a good climb although rather easy. Jess shot up pretty quickly, and before I knew it I was being pulled up (literally), and just went with it, even though I was not ready and was still in trainers and no helmet (naughty), but as I said its an easy route and felt more than happy, really fun route and pretty solid until the upper reaches when it got a little loose! Really good fun though especially the crack in the middle section.

Lastly Jess was not happy, having led such as easy route, so decided to climb the elephants back. A route that we had not done before, but looked pretty crap for the most part and loose for the rest. Jess led up and seemed in control making steady progress to the top. I was explaining to Tim to watch out for loose rocks etc. whilst belaying. Although on his second, he tried to pull out the gear and with it came a massive boulder. I was sat at the bottom putting on my climbing shoes minding my own business, and heard the crash, saw the rock coming and danced my way around; all reactions! Until the rock was leaning against my leg, I quickly scanned my body to check for any personal injuries, before removing the rock. Turns out we were all ok, Tim had a decent cut on his knee and I had a few grazes and bruises, but in all seriousness we had both been lucky as the block was big enough to cause some serious damage! I made my way up the route and it was as expected pretty crap for the most part and loose for the rest minus one rock!

We decided to call it a day after this episode… a good day apart from the rock, but Fairy Cave is known for loose rock as I found out for a second time today! That said, would definitely be back for more climbing and less rock fall!



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