Caving, Swildons Hole

We completed another caving route around Swildons Hole. We went in via the Short Dry Way to the 20 Foot Pot. Then past the Double Pots (had to traverse around the side of the second one) and up through Barnes Loop then continuing down the streamway to Sump 1 (actually 1 inch airspace). Through this to look at Sump 2: 1 inch airspace for 3-4 metres. Then hauled up a fixed rope to the Landing, and onwards through Vicarage Passage to Vicarage Pot. Back to the Landing and then on to the last (4th) Trouble of the Trouble Series (a long duck) to have a look at this. Back to the Landing and slide down on back using rope. Heading back to Sump 1 with detour into Black Hole series to look at Black Hole Pitch. Then back to Sump 1, through and out, except that instead of Barnes Loop on the return we took the Water Rift.

The trip took three and three quarter hours and the air quality inside the cave was slightly bad. It was a very physical workout and some great parts of the cave & stream seen.

We followed the caving outing with some fireworks, a bonfire, a keg and food at the bunk house! Awesome day out!

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