South Downs Mountain Biking

Today, I decided to have a rest from building the van, as yesterday I officially thrown my toys out of the pram! I have not written about the van conversion yet, and it is probably a good thing as quite often it pisses me off.

So a day off was needed and we decided to go out for a bike ride going north from Shoreham and then west on the South Downs. We had previously gone up the same route north to Bramber along the river Adur and then East to Brighton, so we decided to go the other way this time. In the future I would like to ride the whole South Downs Way from Winchester to Eastbourne, as I think it could be a great adventure.

So it was a cold day and after a few to and fro’s getting ready we set out and made our way up the river Adur until we got to the South Downs Way path. From there it was easy to follow, as it is signposted all the way. As there were no navigational troubles, it was easy to take in all the beauty that was all around us. Even the fat pigs that snorted in my general direction as I was panting my lungs out on one of the hills could not put me off. The rolling hills might not be the mountains, and they were still nice especially as there was a bit of snow on the ground and frost on the slopes.

Apart from the views it was amazing to be outside in the clean and crisp air of mid winter, we were not the only ones who were out on the downs on a day such as this, as we passed, walkers, their dogs and other cyclists. I remarked to Jess how nice it was that everyone said ‘hello’, ‘hi’ or smiled in passing and how weird it was that in society in general it is nearly frowned upon to be polite to a stranger, however as soon as you are in the countryside or the mountains, everyone all of a sudden becomes friendly again. That said I really like the atmosphere in these areas, where it is nice to be nice.

We stopped for lunch once we found copse of trees and a few felled logs to sit on, although we had to sit out of the wind to stop the chill and in doing so also sat out of the sun. We had a good lunch and although we had copious amounts of hot tea, we were starting to freeze, and soon decided to start off again. I stayed in my warm kit as I was feeling the cold, and I literally kept this on till we got home.

We began to make our way down from the downs way, and being cold to start after lunch and not working hard to peddle started freezing even more, I could hardly feel my fingers on the down hill. We made our way down a few footpaths and roads, and even a really nice forest we stumbled upon. We then made our way down a few busy-ish roads aiming for the sea front. We popped into Worthing quickly and then made our way down the cycle path home, once there and a massive evening meal later and I was ready for bed.


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