The UB74 Submarine

So today was a double submarine day, diving both the UB74 and the M2. This dive is the deepest that I have done to date so for most of the dive it was in the back of my mind that diving is starting to get a little serious. That said, it was at the back of my mind and the dive itself was a bloody good one!

It was a pretty shit day weather wise, and to be frank I did not think that the boat would even be going out due to the wind and swell, however it turned out nice once we were down. I had read some history of this wreck before the dive and was expecting metal plates here and there…basically wreckage rather than a wreck, but I was surprised to find large sections of wreck, that were broken up in sections, but never enough for you to be unsure of what it was I was looking at.

Once on the wreck me and big G headed to the bow end of the sub, before looping round the wreckage and then on the way back up the tube bumped into mike and Carlos who highlighted that we were travelling to the stern. At the stern the rudder is still in place but no props. There was no coning tower that was a shame, although you could make out the anchor, various hatches and bollards. I was expecting a poor deep wreck but instead where the wreck was broken up allowed you to explore in the nooks and crannies, see the framework between the inner and outer skins of the sub, it was a very interesting dive that I would love to do again with a better camera and capture some workable footage!


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