Valentine Tanks, Dorset

After a quick dive under the pier we jumped onto Swanage Divers boat and took a boat ride out past Old Harrys Rocks and over the Valentine Tanks. These 2 tanks have been on my wish list for a while and it felt good to finally be diving them, and I enjoyed them so much that I will be back, and with a camera filter to boot!

We got down the rope to tank 1 (First one on the shot rope, and tank 2 is the one on the sea bed rope), we were the 3rd buddy pair down so visibility was already becoming silty, a problem with this dive especially given the small size of the wrecks. We immediately headed off across the sea bed to tank 2 as per captains orders, and after a swim happened upon a gun turret on the ground, left of this is the main body of the tank complete with wheels and the engine block if i remember rightly. After a loop around, other divers started to populate the site so we moved on back to tank 1.

There was plenty of marine life around and between the two tanks, so the trip as not just as simple as following a rope with nothing to look at. We arrived at tank 1 but it was a pretty silty affair, and made the most of it. My buddy Carlos and I were both using cameras, but the footage is poor due to the silt. That said it was nice to happen upon a reef placed at the rear of the tank, a nice finishing touch to an interesting dive.

Once back on board, we were lucky enough to happen upon a whole load of dolphins just outside Swanage pier, although they did hang around they were not overly playful, and only came close a few times! We finished the day sat beside the sea with fish and chips, a good end to an enjoyable day!


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