Warwick Deeping, Isle of Wight

A nice journey out, whithcalm flat seas was a good start, due to my crap salty sea legs I still felt a little queasy. We got rigged up, which is even more of a pain in the arse with stages etc.

Once in the water though, a quick decent to 35-7 metres and we were on top of the wreck, I stayed above deck whilst mike penetrated from the off. I was just adjusting my equipment to get comfortable and thought mike was taking his time, unbeknown to me he was struggling as he was caught in some rope. Not that this is about to become an epic tale of danger, he was just chasing a lobster and got caught in some rope, that he had seen earlier and thought, don’t go there, but lobster tunnel vision had took him there!

He got out fine, and when he was back on deck we made our way to the stern, and past a depth charge on deck and took the line south to the exposed propeller and rudder, really good, with the light from other divers on the other side framing them perfectly.

Back up the post side and came across a depth charge some parts of a machine gun (international buddy sign for machine gun (Rambo impression)). Past the whats left of the wheel house and looking at plenty of the wildlife and a conger eel and to the bow, over the side and saw the anchor. My watch was starting to beep and clock up the deco by now, as well as this the current was starting to pull again it, so we made one last sweep down the wreck, cutting diagonally across but going with the current, as I left the stern and the ship started to disappear I put up the dsmb and started the accent. Some morning ADP later and we were back on board, the last pair if i remember right and made our way straight back to Lymington!

Awesome dive and a fantastic condition wreck with lots to look at and take in. With cracking disability this was a great day and a great dive to boot! One of my favourites and a reminder of how great British diving can be!

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