Winspit, Swanage


Had a great day climbing, although somewhat tired from yesterdays diving. We managed to get a few routes in, and as it’s been a while since I last went there it was good to be back. After warming up on anne-marie paid my fee (awesome name!) and another 4c climb.

From the 4c we just climbed we slung the rope up on the next climb called resin devolution a 6a, ad both me and Jess gave this our best efforts on top rope, I felt pretty confident on the top rope, and thought it would go on lead, so not long after jess finished her climb I got started. 

A dodgy start and all went smoothly until I couldn’t make the move that I made on top rope, and ended up spending a lot of time just waiting and holding on, I was unsure of myself, but kept my weight on my hands and feet as wanted to get the climb done cleanly. Now obviously the longer I waited, the more pumped my arms became. I managed to finally overcome my stupidity and just pushed the move and overcame it very scrappily, even the easy top was hard as was feeling it in my arms. I got the top and felt good about a 6a on my first outdoor lead of the year.

After a lunch break we moved around the corner and jess lead a birthday treat, she struggled at one point but made the climb all the same. I managed to lead after but felt pretty tired towards the end, and knew I was done for the day! Jess managed another lead, can’t remember the name but was a cool looking climb up some flowstone.

I was so tired after this weekend that I felt I needed another to recover! I understand that some don’t see a 6a lead as a tough climb, but for me this is an improvement. Looking forward to another sport climbing day, hopefully can continue to push the grade and climb well!


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