Teething problems in the vortex!

As with all new enterprises there are always a few teething problems to begin with, although mine is less enterprise and more millennium falcon. I put this thing together with my co pilot Chewie, I mean Jess. So there was no doubt there would be some problems.

First off was the waste drainage and jerry can converted wastewater container. I failed science at school so the physics on this was lost on me, but when I drained the sink in the front of the van the water gurgled and the waste did not drop down the pipe into the Jerry can underneath it, hmmm? Instead it turned around and started flowing up hill and out of the plughole in the shower?? So the shower tray was full with Spag Bol tainted water, which was a lovely smell to perfume the van with!!

So I got to work adjusting all the pipes, trying to improve the gravity fed flow from both sources to the waste container. I thought this worked, until again the shower was full with the watery residue of sausage stew. Damn it!!

Thinking logically I thought it must be something to do with airflow, similar to using any water container you get a gulping sensation when pouring as air fills or is expelled. With this in mind I made two breathing holes in my wastewater container above the inlet pipe and voila! So far, we have had no more unexpected shower soup!

I have 2 internal vents in my van for two appliances, the fridge and the oven. On the hottest days of the trip both of these have been used and both have become pretty warm! I had a mesh behind each vent and both of these have been removed, and both are cooler because of it, another win!

Finally, we’ve had a problem with a water outlet on the hot water tank. I saw a bit of water pooling on the floor and thought I’d have a look as it might have been left since the last shower. It turned out that the hot water was leaking; so I tightened up the jubilee clip and then placed some rubber self-amalgamating tape it to suppress any further leaks. So far, so good!

Hopefully nothing else goes wrong, especially mechanically, as I have no idea how the hyperdrive motivator works on this thing!

That’s it for now, will either add to this or post anew if anything else rears its ugly head. Last thing I’m going to do is list the tools and spares bits and bobs that I have brought with me to help with all the above and hopefully any other problems we may incur along the way, might help someone at some point!

So behind my drivers seat I left a void when building the kitchen, with the grand plan of building a made to measure tool bin. In the end I ran out of time and brought an animal feed box that fitted the space ‘like a glove!’

Van spares / tool kit

In the box I have the following spanner set, socket set 1-10 metric, seperate socket set 9-22 metric, hammer, Stanley knife, screwdriver set, Rachet strap (for towing), pliers x2, wd40, instant adhesive tube, superglue, cable ties various, jubilee clips various, car blade fuses, short lengths of spare pipes and wires, various wire connectors, couple of different gas connectors, elec tape, self-amalgamating tape, spare nuts, screws, bolts, washers (various) As well as this I have dotted around the van the breakdown kit, jump leads, tyre inflators etc. I may have missed a couple of bits, but it’s quite a comprehensive spares list. The one thing I have needed has been some sealant, so will try and find a DIY tube that does not require a gun.


Hope this helps someone!

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