Grasping at Grass!

Have you ever woken up, strolled outside the bedroom, and someone has set up a market outside? No? Me neither, well until this morning that is. Literally popped my head out of the van and there are parked cars and stalls everywhere, as you might imagine we got the wheels moving pretty quickly once I woke up!

We were again in need of the Internet, and therefore stayed close to Avallon, there was only one crag within a five-minute radius, so thought we would give it a crack. Once we arrived it was a little underwhelming to be honest, it had easy access and a great location, but this was undermined, as a canopy of green concealed the whole thing!

Clearing a few weeds en route!

Not deterred… well a little, we set up and started up an easy route, and from the off, Jess was battling through grass, chossy crap, thorns, and mossy rock. Simply put, a recipe for a poor route. I didn’t much feel like following, but I did, and even did a little gardening en route!

Nearly there…

The weird thing is that as the day progressed, the more I found that the rock was pretty decent, with a nice variation of holds. The upper sections of all the climbs were pretty clear of the jungle effect lower down, and the climbing was good fun, with some classy moves to make the top out! At the top you were also rewarded with a view across the green forests surrounding the area! I tried to take a Panorama with my phone and nearly lost all my credit cards in the process, so next time I might leave those at the bottom!

Chilling atop of the tree line!

All in all, for half a days climbing, it was sufficient. I do not think that it will ever reach classic climbing or crag status, however with a pair of shears, a decent brush and a couple of helpers, this small area would clean up nicely, especially if you lived or worked locally!

Looking forward to a good couple of days solid climbing, as long as the weather holds… we shall see!


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