It’s a dog’s life!

Bored, bored , bored… Oh my, what’s that I hear? I stretch my neck and feel my ears go up on end, yeah, I can definitely hear something approaching. Oh look here it is, it’s big, and blue, oh I like it already, let’s run around in circles… Oh crap, big mistake, I’m too hot now, need shade…! Hmm, what’s that I smell? Maybe it’s just me? (Quick sniff) Nope, they have a special scent; yep, I love humans who smell like me!

Soooo, lets get a closer look? I need to make sure I don’t look too keen, that’s it, just stroll up, act cool, but don’t get too close, they may be weird. They get out, and they do smell, I was right, but they look safe. I took a few more paces forward… Oh look; they are talking about me as if I’m not here. “Oh look at that dog” she says, “got a gammy eye by the looks of things” he said, not sure if I like him? Oh yeah, shade, I need shade, it’s so hot, so I stroll to the back of the van and boom, shade everywhere, get in!

Fixin sleeping under the van!

Oh, this shade is so good; a yawn escapes me, feeling a little tired now… time for a little snooze. OR IS IT? What is that I smell? FOOD! Go, go, gadget nose! Follow that smell, follow the smell, my god, they have a bloody kitchen in the van, ingenious I say!

Lets see then, neither has tried to kill me yet, they are not weird and they have food, things are looking good, I think we can be good friends! Yep that’s a definite, good friends, I think I will stay with you!

Which way?

They pick up their bags, we must be on the move, off we go on another adventure; well, our first adventure together, we’ve only known each other for five minutes, it feels so much longer already! They are going up my favorite track. Ha, what’s the bet they take the wrong track like all the others? Oh, and there they go, turning right way to early, as if they have already walked 1 km? Humans can be so stupid at times! But, as dogs know best, I wont tell them, as I get the bonus water stop if we go this way!

Showing the humans the correct way through the forest

After we turn around, we get back on the track we are supposed to be on, we enjoy a lovely walk in the forest! Loads of things to sniff and look at and a few streams to have a drink or two! Not to mention I keep getting some fuss on the way, ah, this is the life! I’m going to let you into a little secret, I usually feel a little self-conscious when I walk down here, trailed by all the flies, but today, with this pair I feel like part of a team. We all have our flies buzzing around us!

Finally we get to fork in the path we are supposed to take, they are a little more hesitant to go this time, but eventually they start making their way up! Again, humans can be so silly sometimes, who in their right mind would climb up here in sandals? I mean who? I led the way to show them how it’s done, also, less chance of them falling on me to be honest!

Once they got to the top, they got to climbing, and I got to sleeping near by. The only problem was, this bloody root would not stop digging in my back! I dug and dug and if anything just made the problem worse! Finally I decided that sleep was more vital than comfort, and got my noggin down for a few minutes. They were just finishing up on their first route when I finally woke up, and they started to set up for lunch…well I was not missing out on this! A stretch and a stroll later and I could smell those sandwiches.

The human man climbing!

She was a bit of a messy eater if I’m honest about things, which is great for me as I got some scraps off the floor! However, this just isn’t good enough, so I upped my game. I came close, and put my head on his knee, rested there with the occasional nudge, surely he knows what this means? ‘International sign for give me food’? I look at him, I saw a few crumbs go awry, as he was even messier if anything, but I’m here for the long game! Yes, he is tearing off a bit and just places it next to him and leaves it, as if a clearer invitation was needed! Scoffed the lot in one go, and chassed it down with the crumbs; I knew he would give in! Maybe he is not a bad guy after all. He poured me some water in a rocky hollow which I ignored, don’t do the posh bottled stuff, upsets my tummy, and went off for another sleep in the shade.

At least I tried to sleep, the sounds this guy was making were so off putting. I mean it cant be that hard, I saw a child climb it five minutes ago, without a sound! But there he is, scrapping his way up, a grunt a second. I decided I’d had enough and would scavenge elsewhere for some food.

Time was getting on, and I thought I’d swing by my new friends, and there he was again, different route, same noises. I’d liken them to something, but that would be crude! I got a little more fuss, thats it right behind the ear, and then made my way home. What a good day it had been, at first I thought I would have to spend my whole day alone in the car park again, however I had a great adventure in the forest with my new friends! Hopefully they will swing by and say hello tomorrow, you never know…



We decided that we would call it a day after doing a few routes, and a couple that teetered near my limit in climbing. I was feeling like I had strength for more but this trip is a marathon and not a sprint. We made our way back to the van; ruing the day I decided that sandals are good for an approach shoe! Once back at the van we got ready for another Wi-Fi/McDonalds trip for Jess to work. After a couple of days off and chilling it felt good to get on with climbing again!


On our way out of the town, we were lucky enough to bump into ‘Fixin’ the dog, who had become part of the team for a day! He seemed happy as Larry with his owner strolling up the hill! It was good to see him again as I had not managed to say bye, as I was scrapping my way up another route! Here’s to another good day tomorrow…. if the rain holds that is!

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