Au Revoir Burgundy!

What can I say, Burgundy has delivered, time and again I have been able to reflect on life in a present context. I’m happy to be here, and have enjoyed the entire stay! Whilst driving along I have managed to catch some fragmentary impressions, which have given me glimpses of wonderful things; chateaus and rolling fields to quaint little villages. All of these have imprinted in my mind without photos to dull the memory into a single shot.

Between a rock and a hard place!

The climbing has been amazing and varied from crag to crag. Much of the climbing at major crags has been single and multi pitch routes around the 20 metre mark with some having climbs up to 50 metres or more. Even though some of the crags have been great days out, I have not written individual posts about each, although there have been some highlights! I took an accidental whipper off a polished 6b at Rocher du Parc and ended up facing the first bolt with my heart in my mouth! We spent three days at Cormot which included forest camping and some amazing climbing. Finally, at Fixin we were treated to a massive step off from one cliff to the next mid route and a couple of sustained harder climbs later on. All in all the climbing has been great!

Not long before the whipper!

As well as this, pretty much every village has had the amenities to keep us on the road, all for free. France is a fantastic country for supporting motorhomes and those living in vans, the U.K could learn a lot from France in this department.

There is one thing about living and being in and around the outdoors for a long time, little things start to niggle at you, for example flies. I struggle to understand how they have this whole forest, county and planet to play in, yet they seem to love landing or flying in your face, pestering your very patience to remain calm. I feel that all flies could benefit from attending a fly etiquette school, even if just to make them aware of the judo chop action taken by all, when faced with fly in the face!

Start of the multi pitch at Cormot!

All in all we have had a fantastic time and I have no doubt we will be back! We now move onwards to the mountains of Chamonix, in the hope of creating more fantastic memories! Life is good and long may it continue!

A selection of my favourite photos from my time here!


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