Index, Southeast Ridge- AD, 4c

View from the top of the lift

Just a short one as it was a short day! After such a long day spent on the Aiguille Purtscheller, me and Jess fancied an easier day with less approach and lower graded climbing, but still keeping to traditional climbing, so the South East Ridge on the index was an ideal choice. It has a short approach time of 15 minutes to the start and 6 pitches with a max grade of 4c, so easy to get this done in a morning.

Jess following up the first/second pitch
Me leading an easy section!


We walked past the start of the route, even though there is an obvious peg in the wall, and after realizing this, we made our way to correct place and cracked on. The route is pretty similar pitch to pitch and we alternated the leads, sometimes doing two pitches at once, as they were quite short. We were climbing the route at the same time as another pair, a guide and client, and for the first time this trip they were polite, and although we were often sharing pitches and crossing over from time to time, it went smoothly, this was a nice change of pace compared to other guided teams we have come across.


Would be nice to see the mountains in the background, but hey!

We reached the summit easily and really enjoyed a day of climbing where there was pretty much no stress from start to finish. We abseiled off the other side of the face, and although I was hanging in mid air sorting out knots etc. it went pretty smoothly. At the end after we had walked down the scree path to the lift we stopped for a refreshment, and I scoped out where a couple of other routes were that I had seen in the guidebook, these will all be climbed at some point, but it is good to use the time to recce the routes and approaches. We were back in the valley for lunchtime as planned, and will chill for the rest of the day. Hopefully the weather stays like this for a few days more, as it has been great having a longer period of stable weather! I think a trip up the Midi is on the cards again, hopefully keep this good run of climbs going!

My head popping over the edge!
A summit photo this time
and another
Jess silhouetting on the abseil
The route down to lift
Scoping out future routes
Our route followed the grass ledge across the face and then climbed the left hand ridge




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