The Down Days – Part Two – IFSC Lead Championship Chamonix

As with the other down days, we strive to keep busy on the days when we are down from climbing or the mountains. Climbing is high stress, especially when you are doing it day in day out, so it is vital to ensure that you have relaxing down days to recuperate and reenergise both body and mind for the next active day.


For a couple of these days we were lucky enough to be in Chamonix for the IFSC, which is a climbing competition that both Jess and me stream when we are at home. We have often spoke of hopefully seeing it live one day, and when we saw the posters around town, we made sure we were around for the event


We did not watch the qualifying, but watched both semi finals and the finals. On the first semi we sat on the ground and by the finish my bum was so numb it could have been under general anesthetic. There were those who brought folding chairs, however you sit higher than everyone else, so it’s slightly rude to use these I thought, however On the way out we passed a guy who had brought a boulder mat to sit on; what an awesome idea, so the next two stages we brought our mat and life was more comfortable!


The climbing itself was immense; even if I had a jug fest from top to bottom I would still probably fall. It was so overhanging, and some of the holds I wouldn’t trust on a slab. To watch these top climbers make easy work on some of the moves was majestic to say the least, and really inspires you to climb harder, cooler and better. The opportunity to watch current and previous world champions climb with such amazing athleticism all for free is another reason to love Chamonix, it is such a great town to be based at for mountain sports! This whole experience was topped off with a massive fireworks display, again free, that lit up the skyline for ages, so long that we thought it had ended and started clapping, before it just carried on again! Hopefully one day we will get the opportunity to watch the bouldering, as it would be great to see some British stars in action!

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