Diving in Sardinia at Punta Dei Giglio

So far the west coast of Sardinia has been as picturesque as everywhere else, we have slept with sea views nearly every night, and have not been bothered by anyone. The beaches that we have visited have been just as nice as everywhere else on the island, I feel we have found some true gems hidden away from the busier places. We planned to do more climbing on the west coast, and although we have done a couple of routes, no where has overly taken our fancy and so we have mainly relaxed and been swimming and snorkelling. Although today we switched back into dive mode, to dive off Punta Dei Giglio with a friendly dive shop called Overing Diving Centre.

The dive centre, beach and our lovely van from the water!

We booked the dive a couple of days before and we decided that we would sleep outside the dive centre as it was located in a lovely little nook, with a small but picturesque beach and a small harbour nearby. Again you could see clearly through the water, it’s going to be hard returning to normal beaches after visiting here!
We sorted our kit and the guide was making sure Jess was going through her kit correctly, and although this may have belittled Jess a bit, as she knows how to put equipment together, it’s good for the centre to be thorough as they do not know us from Adam. We set off on the rib for the short ten minute ride to the dive site and we were fortunate to see some dolphins just swimming off the coast, their fins only appeared sporadically and they soon disappeared, however it was nice for them to pop up and say hello!
As soon as we arrived at the site we began to kit up and get ready, and within no time we were in the water, and as expected I could see all the way to the bottom. There were loads of fish everywhere, a real aquarium effect, with the occasional jelly fish thrown in for good measure. Me and jess started to descend, however the guides other client was having problems descending, so we hung mid water for a while and waited. Once down we started to make our way across the rocks below, where we both quickly found our rhythm, lots of fish were darting in and out of rock and various plant life, corals and starfish filled in the gaps between rock. Again there was a problem with the other divers buoyancy, so me and jess were given a little freedom to have a closer look at a gruber fish that kept just appearing around a corner of rock. Soon enough though, the guide and his client were back, and so we continued.

Jess waiting in mid water at the beginning of the dive

The first cavern we went in was quite short, however it housed a few openings and some orange/red fish that were grouped together inside. As we exited, the guide pointed out a bright red lobster with both arms protruding from his little hide. So far this dive had been very interesting, with a large variety of sea life, if only I knew what half of it was called. After leaving this cavern we spent a few more minutes out in the open, where again, there were fields of rock and boulders that housed all manner of life. The fish were very friendly, and swam so close, I even had a staring contest with one who faced me for an age just following my gaze. 

The lobster sticking out his nook!
Jess exiting the cave, where the guide is waiting to show the lobster

The next cavern was a real treat, before the dive we had been issued with torches, and its fair to say this cavern was worth it, you needed the torch, as it was dark enough and long enough to warrant its use. In an overhead environment it is always mesmerising to see the air bubbles migrate into pools of silver caught on the ceiling, the rocks and formations inside were interesting and seemed to be encrusted with shells, holes and plants. I love the light effect when you exit a cavern, with the bright blue of sea and sunlight forcing its way to break through the darkness.

The darkness in the cave
The light as we exit the cavern

We finished the dive by accenting slowly following a wall, where again, we saw large gruber, the wall dive was a decent length until we were back at the start of the dive. Throughout the dive, I had been slow, and Jess had followed suit. I’m sure this annoys some guides, but I don’t want to miss anything. At the end of the dive, me and jess were swimming around looking at the shoals of fish and the jellys taking videos and pictures, I could see the guide vying for our attention, and eventually we succumbed and raised up out of the depths for a safety stop, although even this was fun as the sea life followed and took an interest, one jelly fish was so interested in Jess, it nearly gave her a kiss, however luckily she escaped!

Jess and her pet jellyfish
On the wall dive on the way back in

There were no dolphins on the return trip, however once back on dry land, we were treated to a shot of local liquor with some cheese and Italian Sausage! We raised our glasses to a good and successful dive! If we were to return, I do believe I would dive this location again, hopefully with the opportunity to dive some of the bigger caves. 

Accidental selfie when checking the camera was working
The dive site above the waterline
Jess pretty pleased with the dive!!
Gruber hiding under the rocks

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