West coast and goodbye Sardinia

So far this trip we have climbed, a lot, however our stint up the west coast of Sardinia resulted in more sunbathing than climbing. In all honesty the most climbing that we did was at Masua, and that was three single pitches, so not exactly pushing ourselves… that said, this part of the trip has helped us decide on where we are going next, as we had a good period with wifi and took full advantage to research potential locations. So we plan to fit in more climbing between now and then, as we will need to drive back down the island to the capital and get a boat to Naples, so we are going to pick off some of the inland climbing locations that we avoided on the way up so we could stay by the beautiful coastline.

We have stayed in some amazing places, all of which look over the sea, on beaches or harbours, watching the sun set and rise. It’s been pretty epic. On our way back from Masua one day, we drove down the coastal road as the sun was setting, it was amazing. We eventually arrived at a beach car park and parked the van facing the shore. Falling asleep to the sounds of the waves only a few metres from you is so relaxing. When we woke instead of sunbathing we set off for a walk across the beach, I thought it would kill an hour or two, and also it would be a little light exercise. It ended up taking the whole morning, as the beach was pretty long, however time flies when you are wading in the shallows, talking through life plans and what the future may hold.

The sunset near Masua, we sat outside listening to the waves, soaking in this magnificent view

When we moved on from this area, we stopped off at Oristano for a McDonald’s wifi visit. Whilst there I had a message from an old work friend who recommended a couple of beaches near by. I took down the information and once our need for power and wifi was fulfilled we set off to Putzu Idu, and parked for the night. We were lucky as we had parked in a paid car park without realising and did not get a ticket, as that would have severely ruined my day. On finding this out we moved to find a free one, this we found around the corner and although it led to a different beach, it was perfect. It was quiet, and as ever the water was clear, with some obvious rocks and life below the surface. We snorkelled out and around, seeing all sorts of sea life, including long thin, slightly see through guys who blended in with the sand. As well as this, on the way back in I saw a flat fish, a flounder I think, that was camouflaged on the sand, with his two eyes on top looking everywhere but the same place at the same time! The rest of the day we sun bathed and chilled out before driving onto Alghero, it’s a hard life, but someone’s got to do it!

The flat fish!!
The other fish who was camouflaged

Our first night in the town we had a non Instagram vanlife moment when we parked by Lidl for the night, before moving into a small town called Fertilla, where we searched for a diving centre and eventually found one on the way to Capo Caccia, where we booked our diving that I have done a post on here. Unfortunately the climbing did not work out as again we decided that the approach was either wrong, or was a potential death trap and decided against it. So instead or climbing that afternoon/evening we decided to go for a run, opposite the van was a roman bridge surrounded by a lagoon, it sounded picturesque so we headed there. It was more of a dumping ground than lagoon, we also came across an old campsite that was ready made for a Hollywood horror film. After this we started to run down the beach, which was nicer, and even stopped to look at a rockery section, where I found crabs and shrimp looking things, whilst jess kept slipping on the rocks and falling in! The next day it rained and gave us an opportunity for admin and wifi.

That night we parked outside the dive centre and I have to say this has been one of my favourite spots of the whole trip. We were literally parked on the beach, with the waves lapping in a couple metres from the van. Out of our door/window we had a fantastic view of the cove we were in, it was amazing, and the afternoon after the dive we stayed for a while at the beach and took advantage of the great location before once again moving on. I love that we move on every few days as it means this journey continues to have new horizons, and each day brings new experiences, it’s a fantastic way of life!

How far to the beach???
About five steps!!

After a great day of diving we tried to find some climbing inland, and spent a good few hours driving and walking the landscape to try and find the climbing crag. Never before have I struggled so much to find Climb’s as I have done in Sardinia. Some of the descriptions are terrible, ‘down the road, turn left and then park and the climbs are two minute past a fence… yeah? Ok? What road? Park where? What fence? Where am I? I don’t bloody know!! Even worse is the rest of the page is filled with less useful information, such as the history of the crag, boring hell! So we had wasted the better part of the day wondering the country side, and eventually we both agreed that we had had enough and as quickly as we decided to come to Sardinia, we decided to leave, the ferry was leaving the next day, and so we quickly made our way south to Cagliari, where we stopped off at the same beach we visited in the way up, as we knew we could park overnight.

The ferry was not leaving until the evening, so we got up early and took a fantastic run across the sea front, where we passed two towers that were built by the Spanish in the 16th century, who at that time governed the island. These were there to warn and help repel the islands enemies and pirates. As well as this, we saw some more amazing coastline, with turquoise see through water. After the run we spent the early afternoon on the beach and had a short swim and snorkel, taking advantage of our last opportunity to do this on the island.

The great coastline to run along

A couple of hours later and we were in the capital and boarding our ferry for the mainland. For once we were introduced to efficiency, everyone seemed to know what was going on, an was a complete opposite experience to when we got the ferry over. Although, I did have a moment with an Italian woman, where I was about to ask if we were in the right queue for the ferry, and all she said was ‘oh no’, over and over, she did a cracking impression of Consuela from Family Guy! So it’s back to the mainland for us, with the plan to be plain old tourists for a couple a week or so, as there are a ton of locations I have never visited such as Pompeii and Rome, so although it will be a change of pace it will still be interesting, I hope!

One of the towers

There were so many fish roaming around between the rock, needed better lighting
The lovely waters that were present all along the coast

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