Snorkelling in Sardinia

Overall we spent just short of three weeks travelling around Sardinia, initially our plan was to climb as much as possible, however we soon came to discover the amazing coastline and underwater world that surrounds Sardinia, and it is fair to say we diverted our attention to this more than the climbing.

We snorkelled in Cala Luna, Cala Fuili, Porto di Santa Maria, Near Villasimius, Cala Fighera, Masua, Su Pallosu and near Capo Caccia, so quite a few locations that are literally spread all around the island. Although by far my favourite was Cala Fighera, which had an awkward approach and was a nudist beach, however it was so secluded and the underwater life was out of this world! Throughout all these snorkelling sessions we saw a massive variety of sealife star fish,  flat fish, loads of octopus, often we saw more snorkelling than we did when we spent hundreds of pounds going scuba diving! I have never really understood why people snorkel, however this trip has changed my opinion on this, and I now hope I find more amazing locations on this trip where I can don my mask and snorkel and discover more of the underwater world. 
So this post is predominantly a photo blog showing some of the amazing things we came across, and also an advertisement for the amazing snorkelling opportunities to be had on the coast of Sardinia, enjoy!

Cala Fighera, one of the best spots we found for snorkelling!
Lovely star fish catching the sunlight!
Sea urchins were everywhere!
I love this picture of one of the octopus
There was so much life hidden in the darkness!
Jess getting ready to go in!
Some of the coast line we were snorkelling!
Camouflaged fish
Flat fish camouflaged on the sand

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