Dolomites, Brigata Tridentina 

This is one of the classic Via Ferrata in the Dolomites, add to this fact that there is a bridge, we just had to have a go! Sometimes classic means ruined by the passage and polish of many climbers and although it did have lots of polish the route, it was still a really good and interesting climb. I have to say that this was my favourite via Ferrata of all that we have done here! We started late as we set off from Canazei and got caught behind a slow coach, literally, the entire way, and to take the piss a little more the only time he pulled over to let anyone pass was on the hairpin that we were turning off, and therefore blocked us from leaving the road!

So we started in the afternoon and by the time we were at the route, it was getting on, so we pushed hard on this route to ensure that we would get up and down in daylight. As this is on the north side of the rocks, we were in the shade all day apart from a ten minute spell when the sun creeped out from behind the rock to remind us it was a sunny day!

Near the start on a ladder section

The initial part of wire was a little wet and icy in places, it was quite short and soon led to a foot path between two large boulders to another foot path, that was supposed to have a sign, but it had been removed, we followed the path left as this matched up with the guide picture. We were walking down and saw another couple who were walking, they stopped us and let us know that the fork in the path we just crossed went to the Via Ferrata, I would have missed this and carried on down the path, so it was lucky they were there!

Having fun!
The midway walk

The next section of wire was long and pretty amazing, throughout the route you could climb on the rock, compared to the wire hauling on Magnifici Quattro this was a complete change of pace for the better. Although the polish was extensive, each hold was well sculpted and we made a fast pace up the rock enjoying every second! Occasionally you had to stop and turn to appreciate the views behind, that wound there way down to the valley below.
It took a while, but I soon turned a corner and as I stood to full height i smacked my head on the rock that was above, I was so glad to have my helmet! Jess, who was standing on the bridge, laughed and said she did the same thing, I wonder how many have cracked their heads on that rock! The bridge was so cool, putting 100% faith into cables and planks placed years ago that spanned the two towers. It was a very cool position to be in, with fantastic exposure to the floor below.

Jess climbing ahead!
The suspension bridge!
Enjoying the traverse!

Shortly after this the route finished and we sat at the top, taking in the views whilst eating our lunch, with the usual guests of a crow or two! At the top was a hut, we took a peak at the winter accommodation, that was simple but adequate for purpose! It was great to be so high, it was cold and the peaks around us had a coat of snow, this route had definitely reminded us of the winter conditions that seem to be just around the corner. We then followed the devils path 666 across to the descent that also had cables in place, which was great as there was sheets of ice and icicles lining the route down the gully. Following this, the usual scree bowl greeted us and we made a slow descent all the way to the van!

The ice on the way down, coating the face! Didn’t think to bring crampons, so glad for the wire

This was by far the best VF that I have been on, the rock was solid, the views amazing and the length was just about right for a good half day in the mountains. I also thought that VF was for those who do not climb, however now I have had a go, I’m keen for more! Not that it replaces climbing, but it certainly gives more options for exploring and having adventures in the mountains, which can never be a bad thing!


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