Adventures in Slovenia: A little walk to a waterfall

I held off from adding this to the last post, in the hope that we would be able to have another day of adventure in the mountains, unfortunately the weather has had the last word and high winds have meant we will instead drive to Croatia this afternoon. I know it’s a hard life! 

In all honesty though we have seen quite a few lovely waterfalls on our trip to Slovenia, they seem to surround the Triglav national park. Each is unique and fascinating to look at, in fact all the scenery and natural water features have been beautiful. Of all the places we have visited I will leave Slovenia knowing I will be coming back, there is so much I feel I have missed and I’m only talking about this national park. 

As for the reason for this post the Peričnik waterfall… it was amazing, by far the nicest one we have seen, at fifty metres high it was a force of nature. Not to mention the fact that you can walk underneath it!! The walk in from town was interesting enough, following the stream of water up the Vrata valley, through forests and paths strewn with autumn leaves, it was beautiful and definitely worth a small walk from town, rather than driving to the car park below. 

So this post is less about words and more about our last couple of pictures from Slovenia, enjoy!


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