Croatia- scuba diving on the Ribolovac wreck

We have been in Croatia for a few weeks now, and throughout this time we have longed to go Scuba diving at some point, however we have struggled to find the right time, centre and weather to get a dive in. It does not help that we are massively out of diving season and the dive centres are closed as well as this the waters are cold and not as clear as usual. One great benefit of this fact is that when we finally did go diving we had the dive centre, dive sites and guide to ourselves, which made the whole process more casual than previous dives on this trip. We dived with Ivo from Venus diving, who was well priced, helpful and friendly throughout!

We only did a single diving day with two dives, the first of which was on the Ribolovac wreck. An old fishing boat that sunk just off the island of Solta. It took us twenty minutes or so to get to the site and as soon as we were in the water it was cold, even in a doubled up wet suit! Apart from that though it felt great to be in the water, the dive consisted of a shallow water approach with rocks, corals, plant and sea life. Slowly the wreck appeared out of the cloudy water and it was immediately apparent that this was a picturesque wreck, with the main structure in tact. The main deck was a tussle of splintered wood, ropes and fishing nets, whilst the prop shaft was still in place the prop was not, although the rudder was still in place. Ribs of the wreck allowed for great light penetration and shoals of fish made their daily routine around the wreck.

I have to admit that this is one of my favourite dives, although we had bad visibility compared to normal, I felt it painted the wreck in a different light and made it more interesting. For a shallow wreck I would definitely recommend it. Anyhow, this post is less about the writing and more about the photos, hope you enjoy them!


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