Croatia- Scuba diving

This was the second dive of the day, and I’ve only done a separate post due to the amount of photos in the previous post, and also to set the dives apart. On this dive we descended onto a rockery with small reefs and then made our way to the wall. We followed this, slowly gaining depths, seeing some lovely fans that had attached to the walls. It was cold when I got in, and it only got colder as the dive went on and the deeper we got, finally we saw the Pajo wreck creeping out of the milky sea. To be honest we spent only a minute or two here as the visibility was poor, the wreck did not look all that great and I was bloody freezing! On the return we followed the wall back, I saw a couple of black and white blobs and was unsure what they were, but they looked very cool! The final part of the dive was a little warmer, lighter and clearer as we closed on the surface and the sun penetrated the water. Again the majority of things to see was sea life and small clumps of coral and plant life. Again this was a good dive, although not as good as the previous wreck as this on was quite boring, modern and Plain. The fans, starfish and white and black blobs were the stars of the show!

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