Barcelona, Sitges and Shitting Logs

I am a little behind on posts, not that I have lost my enthusiasm for writing them, it’s just that I have not been up to much, and therefore do not have much to write about. As with the previous post, all is not well in the van. I’m not going to dwell on it too much, but the short and fat of it is… the van needed fixing and cost us two days and a unwelcome fortune to put right, the van has now developed a new problem and occasionally bugs us with dash lights to boot! The van…I see a theme here?? The van seems to be struggling up hills, sometimes maxing out at 35 mph, which is not great on a hill. The vans smell trap on the waste pipe is leaking, again, and has been fixed/bodged a ton of times, and is still bloody leaking. The vans rear window came off, and we have re stuck the bugger on! So in short the van has been a bit of a dick! Add to this jess has been working day in day out for a couple of weeks, which is pretty boring!

So with all the crap out of the way, well some of it anyway, as if I keep venting, no one would continue reading… I can tell you about the good times that have broken up what has in all honesty been a bad month, so bad that I have stated that I would have rather been at work, I know that bad!

Good things, let’s talk about good things! The weather for the most part has been great and since arriving in Sitges we have had to pack away the cold weather kit! Sitges is a lovely town just outside Barcelona and on our first night we parked on the promenade, and although the traffic came past at F1 speed, it was nice to look out over the sea. Here we met up with an old friend of mine, and spent a couple of days lording it at her place! It was nice to be normal and sit on a sofa, have a proper shower and just watch TV. After seven months of not having this it all felt rather luxurious.

We even popped into the town and had a drink like the normal folk and later on went to watch the local tradition of Tió de Nadal, the Christmas log. The simple idea of this is that children hit a dressed up log with a stick and the log shits out sweets and presents, how novel! Either way I thought it was great and a cool quirky local thing that I had no clue existed before. I’m not sure if this is linked with the shitting man i kept seeing in Barcelona, but either way it’s all pretty weird!

In Barcelona, we walked the streets and took in the usual sights of the Gaudi architecture, Parc de la Ciutadella, sunset at the beach and jess was particularly taken by the Sagrada Famillia, which has progressed loads since I saw it last! One thing I do enjoy about visiting cities is travelling by foot. By taking the bus, metro or guided tour I feel you miss out on many sights that are not on the map! That evening we walked down La Rambla on the way to visit my friend Ben who I met years ago in Russia and later did the mongol rally with. As has been the usual custom, we drank and eventually I got obliterated as I’m somewhat out of practice in the game of drinking. It’s safe to say I ended the night with my head in a bucket, and a hell of an old man hangover in the morning!

We now continue South in the search for good weather, good climbing and a good Christmas! Hopefully the next post will be a return to the normal, and away from the constant disappointment that has been December!


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