A walk in Ricote

We picked Ricote as a camping spot in our usual way, what’s near us? What looks nice? As it turns out Ricote fitted the bill just nicely, although it was a little out of the way. That said it was worth an extra twenty minutes behind the wheel. The actual camper stop/wire is located in the edge of town, next to a new but derelict looking sports facility, apart from this it is flat, full of motor homes, some of which looked as if they were very comfortable and set up.

On our first night there seemed to be some festivities on in town, and had we known we might have popped in just to see what it was all about, as it turned out, we were treated to a large fireworks display above us, able to just hang out of the door and watch the night sky light up! It’s these little things that occasionally pop up on the trip that remind you how lucky we are to be here!

The next day we went for a short walk into town, the usual tiny Spanish streets that all look similar to one another, except that one street has the butchers, the next the bakers and so on. We traveled further afield as the rock that overlooked the town looked like it would have climbs on it. As it turned out, we ended up no where near this rock and instead we found a footpath that had a looped walk that retuned to the town.

The walk itself was really nice, and a good change of pace as I’ve lost a bit of the drive for climbing day after day. Some of the views were spectacular as seen in the photos. In a little under two hours we were stood at the complete opposite end of the town overlooking the lemon tree orchards that surrounded the Aire. The rest of the walk started down towards these and in no time we were weaving our way down small roads and paths that separated the orchards. There were a couple of historical sites enroute, although the information boards were only in Spanish, so have no real idea of what there purpose was.

We only spent another evening here before moving onto Mula for more climbing. I hope we find a few more of these hidden gems in between the places we intend to visit, as I really enjoyed this short visit!


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    1. Thank you, we recently went on another unplanned walk around El Tocal that was just as good as this but such different scenery! One of the best things about Spain for me is the changing scenery as you move across country!

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