El Chorro Via Ferrata

Another day, another adventure! This time we had to open up our storage box in the van to find our via Ferrata slings as they had been out of use since we left the alps. We were going to climb the local via Ferrata route in el chorro, that we had found information about online. We were parked the other end of town and in a few minutes were at the other end, it’s literally that small. We found a path that wound its way from the shoreline through the trees, to where we thought the climb might start. As it turns out our guess was spot on, as we emerged from the trees at the foot of the route.

There was already a team on the route, and once at the foot we set up ready to go. It did not take us long to be on the heels of the other group as they were very slow, so we overtook them at a safe place. The initial part of the Ferrata was steep, but nearly no climbing as there are staples and cable the whole way, way more ladder climbing than actual climbing. The first crossing over thin air was a ‘zipline’ although it was pretty much horizontal, and not angled as you would expect. This is the only part of the route that we did not have the right equipment, and so instead of using a pulley, we just used a sling and karabiners aswell as our via Ferrata slings. It turned out that we had to just haul ourselves over. It was quite hard on the arms, but as it was only 35m, it was over before you knew it! It was pretty cool to just be over nothing, hanging on wire ropes.

Again the next stage climb had lots of metal to help you along. The next crossing was very go ape like rope bridge. We tried to balance with no hands, although I think our careers as tightrope walkers is light years away. I could not help but think of the guy who tight rope walked across the twin towers, and how much confidence he must have had! I was clipped in and only a few metres of the ground and I was still feeling the fear.

More easy ground led to the next crossing, and it was the best of all three and had one wire for your hands and one for your feet. It crossed over a gully and half way across I tried to take a selfie, although you can see a bit of fear through the bravado of the crazy smile. I tried to wave to some people at the foot of the cliff, they either did not see me or they ignored me? From this point the via Ferrata was more of a scramble/walk than a climb, and we did a bit of it not clipped in as it was easier without the faff. We finally got to the down climb, which was similar to the start in its steepness. Once we were back on solid ground we set off on the path home.

The path was a slight deviation on the route we had taken to descend from our first multipitch in the area. We passed a house that was built into the cliff like the burba villages I had seen in other areas. In no time we were back at the van. The all round trip had taken only 2 hours from start to finish, which was a full hour quicker than recommended. Although it was a short trip, it was fun, and definitely something that I would recommend, especially when the weather is a bit too cold for climbing.


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    1. We had a via Ferrara harness, but a competent climber could do it with a pair of slings and screw gates. I only say pair as there is a Tyrolean part that would be nice to have a back up as you slide down. No need for rope or quickdraws.


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