Cesares Via Ferrata

This is a tiny post more for information rather than telling a story of what I have done, although I’m sure there will be a little in there! We parked at the Aire that is located at the top of the town (36.445959, -5.278203), where we camped, it is quite comfortable and has water, waste and wifi. The walk into town was around 20-30 minutes from there.

The parking GPS for the climbing and Via Ferrata is 36.4401022 -5.2736353, and from here there is a path that goes through a pallet gate, and continues up to the obvious cliff below the town. It’s quite messy up there with animals and rubbish all over, it’s a bit like the shittest zoo you have ever seen. When you approach the cliff there are two Via Ferrata, one on the left side and one on the right. At the foot of each is the usual safety sign. Although we did not climb the left hand side route, it seemed to be a staple ladder up the face…and that’s it, pretty boring and not overly worthwhile. However, the one to the right looked a lot more fun.

The right hand route, climbs up on staples with a little traversing here and there. There are bulges on the rock that make it slightly tougher than first appearances. The first traverse leads to a bridge, made up of one wire for feet and another for hands above, and of course another to clip into. This is quite long and makes its way across the cave. You climb up and again traverse across the cave in the opposite direction on a similar bridge. The Via Ferrata finishes with more vertical climbing up staples until you top out over a white painted wall, into some ruins. From here you can rest and pack whilst you watch the birds of prey swooping around overhead!

The Via Ferrata is protected 100% from start to finish, although the wire is attached to the wall every few metres, and so clipping in and out over and over becomes a chore, there are no run out sections. Even though it climbs like a ladder, I think the bulges make the arms work at times and the bridges add to the adventure, so I would grade it at VF3a, I’m not sure if it has an actual grade. The time it took was about 20-30 minutes at most. If you topped out and then returned to the base for the other it would make a worthwhile morning or afternoon excursion. For a full day out, you could explore the castle and town at the top, I’m not one for visiting towns etc, but this one has a certain charm to it. Or you could return to the bottom and climb some of the climbing routes, although these are mostly all higher graded sport routes. I will attach a couple of screenshots with a Cesares climbing topo.

So there we have it, a micro adventure in lovely surroundings, if you are in the area and have the time it is time well spent!

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