Bolonia Beach

The afternoon after we had been bouldering, we had a lovely lunch overlooking the bay. We then drove down to Bolonia and had a walk down the beach, we had the whole beach to ourselves, apart from a few cows! We collected some shells and even returned a beached jellyfish to the sea, I’m not sure if this saved it, but it had a better chance than it did on the beach! The afternoon was spent relaxing in our van next to the beach, and watching the sun set was not a bad way to end the day!

The next morning we were plain lazy and spent the whole time from sunrise to lunch killing time in and around the van. Our van neighbours had a really friendly dog called amber who loved to play catch, so I spent a long while being the designated ball thrower!

After lunch we got moving and walked to the local Roman ruins. Amazingly if you are a European citizen you are entitled to free entry, we walked through the initial museum looking at the various artefacts and video screens, which were mostly in both Spanish and English. One thing made us laugh was when one of the screens was not working and the reboot screen looked like something that belonged in a museum.

The ruins outside are in good condition and give the whole layout of the Roman town that was once here. Again there was information boards explaining in plain language what each section was. It was a great situation for ruins, with the beach and sea directly in front. It was a nice way to spend a few hours.

After we walked along the beach in the opposite direction, towards the sand dune that rises from the beach at its western end. As climbers we felt inclined to walk to the top, and there it abruptly stopped, rising high above the trees below, looking as if at any minute the sand would devour the trees below.

We returned to the van, and had a drink in a local bar, before heading back and spending the night here again, as the position was so scenic next to the beach. Similar to Tarifa, this place is so beautiful, and I will make sure that I come back here at some point in the future. Maybe I need to learn to kite surf, and then I will have a definitive excuse to come back!

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