Final climbing day in Spain, Mosaico!

After spending a couple of days parked up on the beach at Bolonia, I decided that I was rested enough to have another days climbing… this later proved to be wrong! We got up earlier than usual, as we knew we wanted to make the most of the day ahead. Luckily we had managed to get some photos of the guidebook for the area we wanted to visit when we met with Alfie and Emma at El Helechal. As luck would have it, no sooner had we parked up at the crag, that we bumped into them again and ended up spending another day climbing together.

When we arrived at the Mosaico sector of the crag, it was already pretty busy, as were all the warm up routes. So instead of waiting for one of these to be free we jumped straight on the only route we had came here to climb, a route with the same name as the sector, Mosaico. At 6a+, this would be a tough first climb, as this was what we usually build up to. Due to the amazing texture and shape of the rock, there was plenty of holds, although the rock face itself was steep. I had a couple of rests on the route, mainly due to pump, I was amazed how quickly my arms pumped out, as I said earlier I was wrong about me being rested up enough!

This was a fantastic route and I’m glad that I climbed it well. By the time we finished we were able to get on an easier route that wound its way up the side of the face. It still had the quickdraws in from the previous group, although they were happy to let us use them! This was a lot easier, but still great fun! Next was a 6a+ next to the first route, very similar, although it bulged out more, and so this made it harder!

We finished the day by waiting for a route to be climbed by a bunch of German climbers. After watching many of them struggle on the initial section I had psyched myself up for a tough climb. As it turned out, it was the easiest of the day, although still graded at the same grade as the other hardest climbs of the day! Either way, I was done for the day and ready to call it. Although I will be back if I get the chance, just the style of the rock is enough to deserve a revisit.

As for the future, we will now head towards Portugal. We might pop into a couple of places on the way, however our main goal as usual is climbing. Although as of yet, we have struggled to find a guidebook and it looks as though we might need to rely on anything we can find online??? So who knows where we will end up!

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