Simond Climbing Jeans Review

Purchased from: Decathlon

Price: £29.99

Period of time used: 11 months (on a nearly daily basis)

This is the first review for the blog, simply because they are the thing I use the most! These have become my go to trousers for everything from lounging around, walking into town and of course Climbing, walking, mountaineering and everything in between! I have owned these jeans for just short of a year and they have been worn nearly everyday that they have not been in the wash, if they are clean and sometimes not so clean, they are on!


So they’ve been worn a lot and therefore I think I can give a decent review! As you would expect the material used on these jeans is flexible and allows a full range of movement, similar to most of the soft shell trousers I wear. One downside of this flexibility is the robustness of the material. Compared to a normal set of jeans the material wears away quicker. For example, the groin of my trousers has quite a large hole, I’ve sowed it up, however it has again come apart. This is not the only area, on the knees and bum both have large patches of wear and holes appearing, all of these are hard wearing areas of any trousers, but especially Climbing ones. So one improvement would be for these areas (knee, groin, bum) to have tougher wear patches to absorb some of the abuse.


The pockets are normal size, with two front and two rear, and one finger sized pocket, that I have never used and have no clue what it is used for? None of the pockets have zips or any way to secure the items within them. That said you should have empty pockets if indoor/sport climbing and if I was climbing trad or alpine, then I would most likely wear soft shell, although I have seen these worn by other climbers in the Alps at various times, so each to their own.

They have an articulated knee, that definitely works with the flexible material to allow freedom of movement. Irrelevant of the extremity of my flexibility, when I have used these jeans I have never felt it restricting my movement, my partner Jess is more flexible and has the women’s version and again has no complaints.

There are a couple of branding logos on the jeans, one sewn on the bum pocket, a small leather tab on one of the front pockets and another sewn logo on the outside of the left calf when worn. All these logos are tastefully placed and add the the cool aesthetics of the jeans.

The Fit

I wasn’t going to write this part, as everyone comes in different shapes and sizes. However with an elasticated flexible waist band, the range should fit a variety of different shapes and sizes. For me personally they fit perfectly in all areas, as I said earlier, they are my go to jeans/trousers for pretty much everything!


As I live in a van, I have only ever hand washed the jeans, and each and every time the water turns blue, so maybe for the first few washes you should make sure these are done with other darker clothes or cleaned separately. In short this has caused the jeans to have faded quite a lot, although this does not take away anything from the jeans as I prefer the worn look to the fresh out of the box!


I’m not sure you can get a better pair of climbing jeans for £30? Although they have a few faults, mainly geared towards wear in certain areas, the overall quality of this product is amazing. There is a reason you see so many climbers wearing them, they are a fantastic pair of climbing jeans. I’m not the coolest cat at the crag, however I do think that these jeans look cool and do their job. Once I have thoroughly worn this pair out, I’m going straight back to Decathlon to buy another pair, and if that does not state how much I would recommend these jeans, I don’t know what will?


As an avid decathlon shopper I couldn’t help but swing by the ‘mountain store’ in Passy, on the outskirts of Chamonix. Here I noticed that they had a new pair of Climbing jeans that had rectified some of the problems. These had reinforced knee patches, and some reinforced crampon patches? Great effort on the first, not sure on the second. However, they need extra on the bum and the groin area to make these a more worthwhile purchase.

As for my knee, holes, I now have one large hole that my whole knee fits through. This suits my homeless look, but not great for the jeans. The other knee and the bum now both have larger holes as well so it seems that these jeans will need replacing sooner rather than later.

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