The End

Every adventure has to end at some point, it’s usually a mixed bag of emotions and ours was no different. We finished our last week city hopping and visiting friends in the Netherlands, Belgium and France, each of which has their own post. By the time we were at the ferry port I was looking forward to some of the creature comforts that come with being normal and living in a house.

We arrived home in the middle of the night and opted for one more night in the van next to the sea. In the morning we woke and drove a short way to Jess’s parents house to surprise them with our return after eleven months on the road! When I parked the van I turned off the revering alarm, and after knocking the door, we could hear both John and Jenny slowly work out that it was us and we were home. Hugs, hellos and Harvey (the dog) yapping in the background signalled our arrival. It was nice to surprise them both, and it was nice to be back.

I’ve been home for a week now, and already I’ve started to miss the lifestyle, don’t get me wrong I’m enjoying the comfort of a house (there is so much room everywhere!!), toilets, and just general niceties. However I do miss the opportunity to just drive from one adventure to the next, without being bothered by the stresses of modern life and work. One reason is that there is so much left to do, prior to the trip I felt that we would tick off a bucket list’s worth of stuff, and we have, although in doing so, the bucket has only got bigger and filled with more ideas (I might write a post about these at some point).

I know this is no difference to other trips, once the comforts of home have been enjoyed, the inner yearn to be outside, adventurous and just exploring takes over. The internet searches begin in earnest to kit out the next adventure and to find the next trip. In the meantime we will be trying to get away in the UK, mixing in family visits that can also incorporate Climbing. I would also love to go caving for a day at some point, not to mention Diving… come to think of it, even though we are home, hopefully this will be a busy month with micro adventures!

Usually the end of one adventure often signals the beginnings of the next, and luckily for us it’s already in the bag. From June we will be moving to Croatia for five months, as I will be working as a dive guide. So hopefully this blog will continue with a more sea blue theme for the next few months. However in the future we have some big plans, which I will write a separate post for, as they are numerous and expensive!


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