Bank Holiday Climbing on Portland

We were lucky enough to finally get Climbing again after a month off! We headed down to Weymouth to celebrate the wedding of George and Nicky, and lucky enough for both them and us, the weather gods were shining upon us!

After the wedding we decided to stay in the area and climb as the weather looked like it would hold out! Bloody hell did it hold out, it was super hot! It was like being in the Med! We stood on the top of the cliffs and saw beautifully clear waters and the sun shining down, it felt like another country.

As we had lost/misplaced our guidebook at some point, we headed to the areas that we knew! We headed to the veranda, and borrowed a guidebook to check the routes and climbed a few nice sharp climbs! It was too hot, and we decided to find a way to the foot of the cliff and over the boulders to the sea edge. The sea looked so inviting, although it was freezing once my tootsies were in, it took about a minute to feel like I had blocks of ice at the end of my legs! I managed to get in, but once the water made contact with my groin it was too much of a shock and it was time to go get out!

We had another climb later in the day, but after a day with no shade I was feeling pretty drawn! We watched solo that night, awesome film btw, and camped on the Portland industrial estate. The next morning we met up with friends Alberto, Niel, Mike and Sam! So we ended up being a big group! It’s been a long while since we last climbed in a group bigger than three. We climbed on the back cliff, and down on the beach! Again, I tried to get in the water, and this time succeeded! It was still freezing, amazingly overnight it had not warmed up! After a ten minute cooling session I eventually jumped in, and swam for five or ten minutes, before I realised I’d had enough. On exiting I got a version of hot aches, only all over! I spent a good hour walking around in my pants looking for fossils, and found a few cool ones!

After getting changed we moved across the beach to a new location and finished the day there! It was a good weekend and it had been great to meet up with people and spend the day at the wedding! Not long now till we pack our bags for Croatia and I’m looking forward to it!

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