As one adventure ends, another begins!

We have just arrived in Korcula, Croatia! We had an early start, with the usual rigmarole of travelling to and from the airport. Weirdly the last month we have spent in the UK has been fantastic weather wise, even so it was hotter on arrival!

We were picked up at the airport by my new boss Jan, who drove us all the way to our home for the next four-five months. On the way we stopped off at a restaurant for tea and cake, overlooking a picturesque bay.

We finally took a ferry across the water and a short drive later we were in our new digs, complete with a little family of turtles!

I’m looking forward to getting stuck in and being a dive guide! I know I have a learning curve ahead of me, and I’m happy to ride it! I’m seriously going to miss getting out climbing and mountaineering, however they are not going anywhere, and should still be there when I get back.


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