My first day as a dive guide

As the title suggests, I’ve just started working as a dive guide and so far it’s been pretty full on!
On day one I completed three dives, the first of which I led, a thirty metre wall, with an anchor at the base! We traversed this seeing, spinney lobster, confirm eels, a couple of small blue nudibranch and an octopus on the shelf above the wall. We followed this at deco depth to the boat. I was glad I did not get lost and that some sea life decided to show itself!

The highlight of the second dive was a cavern at the end, which was full of red scorpion fish, shrimp and a very cool hermit crab!

On the night dive, there was an incident with one diver, who ascended after ear pains, and the rest of the dive continued, although we dropped deeper than intended to over 30m. The colours under the water were amazing in the torch light!

After a super long first day, everyone working went for a drink to round off the day. My bed was a welcome sight as I was knackered! In at the deep end, but it’s what I’m here to do!


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