My first week as a dive guide

I managed to cover my first day as a guide in my previous post. It was a busy day, and in itself set the tone for the rest of the week. Not that the week has been off my feet busy, however it has been full on and super enjoyable!

I have dived many of the dive sites off the island of Korcula, and still have many to explore. The one’s I have visited have delivered a variety of sea life, from congar eels, moray eel, hermit crabs, loads of nudibranch, spiney lobster and a crazy sea urchin! It’s been an amazing array of different colours and sealife!

Photo credits on the above four photos: Gerard storey

As for the guiding, it is sometimes stressful, especially with divers who struggle with buoyancy, however for the most part it has been fun meeting loads of new divers and getting in the water with them. Sometimes getting to dive with experienced divers has been nothing but ease, as the stress and worry is all but removed, and so diving becomes quite casual, as if with a buddy.

I came into this job unsure whether I would be happy taking a hobby/sport I enjoy and turning it into work, however so far it has worked out great. Let’s hope the next few months continue to expand my experience and I continue to see amazing things!


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