A weekend off, let’s go climbing in Hvar!

As the title says, I have recently been given a couple of days off scuba diving and as Jess was off climbing I thought I would join her!

We headed to Hvar on the ferry, I managed to sleep throughout the whole journey, and on arrival we managed to find Olivia, who Jess had met through a climbing friend. She had a car and drove us all to the other side of the island to Cliffbase, where we were staying for the weekend.

On arrival we were picked up and ferried to Cliffbase by the owner in the smallest rickety boat. We came through a small passage that gave me a feeling of passing through the gates of jurrasic park. We paid for our stay on the night and were given a free bottle of wine.

The little room we were given was homely and built directly into the cliff face. Even better was the unrestricted sea view, and the noise of the ocean flowing through the open window as we fell asleep.

The next morning we woke early-ish and set out to climb in the cooler temperatures of the morning. We climbed a few routes, building up the grades as we went. A really nice crack route started the day, and set the tone for the rest of the climbs. It was nice to chill between climbs, sunbathing at the foot of the rock. As midday approached it was already getting to hot and we called it for the day.

We ate lunch and as we forgot to buy any supplies, I ended up eating my 4th sandwich in as many meals. The combo of bread and spread was starting to wear thin

That afternoon we took out a set of kayaks, and paddled up the coast! It was great fun, the water and cliffs rising from the sea set an awesome backdrop, although my back was killing me! In the end I called it a day and started back. I was planning on renting canoes later in the trip and exploring the coast a different way, so to get it in early and for free was a pretty sweet deal!

That night we took a stroll through the trees to the small town at the top of the hill to buy some supplies that was long overdue. I needed some vitamins, there was only so long I could survive on Nutella and bread!

A lovely evening with home cooked food (with veg!!) Was again followed by good conversation and sleeping to the sounds of the sea.

The next morning we were up early-ish, to get some climbing in before it was too hot. We managed two routes, the first of which was nails. I’m glad I had the top rope! My back was still a bit out, so it was worth having the extra protection.

The second route was awesome, climbing the arete of the leaning tower with the waves lapping up below. The route was covered in jugs, you just had to find them! It was sharp and great climbing.

We had lunch in the shade and in the afternoon we went for a swim. Jess and Olivia did some deep water soloing whilst I swam back in and rested up in the shade!

This was our last little adventure before packing up and heading home. Olivia drove us to Hvar, where we said our goodbyes and got the ferry back home to Korcula.

It was an awesome weekend, the company, the location, the climbing! I’m glad I had the time off to get away this weekend! Cliffbase is a great location, it was so secluded. The owner seemed somewhat irritated, but he did compensate with a fantastic location and a free bottle of wine, so all good!


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  1. Loving following your blog still. Amazing that you’ve managed to continue on in your explorations into Europe and find work there. It seems you’ve got such a good work/life balance there 🙂


    1. Hey, good to hear from you! Yeah so far so good!! Going to have to come home at some point and face 9-5 reality and up the savings accounts, but the plan is to try and continue this lifestyle for as long as possible!


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