A fantastic night dive off Korcula

It’s safe to say I’m way behind on any posts I was intending to write, however I will hopefully be catching up at some point! I’m still working as a Dive guide, and working hard! To put it in perspective I have been working for the past twelve days straight and have completed 38 dives in that timeframe, so I’ve been busy!

However, with all that diving I have managed to see some amazing sealife and sights under the waves, and this post will recount some of the memories of one of these dives.

It’s fair to say I don’t have a top ten dives or even a top five, I just don’t have the world’s diving experience and more often than not, all dives are enjoyable and have highlights! However if I did have a top list this dive just might be on it!

It’s a shallow dive sight off the island of Lucnjak (haven’t a clue how to spell it), that even in the day has a good selection of life. We do not dive it often as many divers turn their nose up at a shallow dive site and it’s also quite small, so it’s often a slightly shorter dive. It’s fair to say they are missing out!

During the dive you could not move a metre without seeing something new to look at, I imagine this is what coral reefs are like! Octopus were moving around the walls, rocks and seagrass freely, rather than holed up! There was an abundance of Nudibranch species that I always love to find, all-sorts of crabs, some which I have never seen before.

As well as this there was brittle, feathered, long limb, burrowing and spiney starfish, and prob more I didn’t notice. I saw a lovely red long clawed squat lobster, that got away from me before I could snap a photo.

At the surface we could turn off our torch and enjoy the luminescence in the water as I waved my hands around. At the surface after guiding all 6 around the sight we were treated to a clear night sky, clearly able to see the red if Mars and the band of the Milky Way streaming across the skyline.

A pretty special dive, which had I not been working and guiding I would have taken a million photos! As it is, this is the best of what I could get together!

Hope you enjoyed the read and photos!


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