Port 9 bay night dive

Since I’ve been working in the bay of Port 9 in Korcula, I have amassed a ton of dives in the bay, whilst conducting try dives. An opportunity for the non diver to get in the water and have the experience of diving under the waves!

Most of the time we see something worthwhile, an octopus in a hole, a cuttlefish, flatfish and even rumours of a sea horse that I’ve yet to see. Hoqever for the most part it’s not the most interesting of diving sites.

That said every morning I’m in the bay I come across the wreckage of the night before. Spider crab shells, half eaten star fish, shells andso on. So I planned to do a night dive and see all the action for myself.

It’s fair to say that it was worth the extra effort, as soon as we entered the bay seemed a different world. Lots of anemones flowing around with each arm moving to catch food as it floats by. At the island we came across a somewhat scared and somewhat curious cuttlefish fish, who didn’t swim away in fear, but chased down our torch beams and even closing right in on the torch itself.

This was followed by seeing a large Nudibranch and also a cowrie and a chiton. Both things I had not seen before!

Towards the end of the dive my camera died and so there are no photos, but we saw an anemone spider crab, and a couple of octopus!

So far the diving here has been great, looking forward to the next night dive! The life is everywhere!

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