I’ve Got Crabs!

So you’ve already seen my Nudies, now it’s time for my crabs! Or more precisely a collection of photographs of all the Crustaceans and a couple of molluscs that I have come across on numerous dives!

Hermit crab

Prideauxs hermit crab

Sea hare

Cleaner shrimp

Anemone hermit crab

Locust lobster

Unfortunately, at the moment, we have no boat and so therefore little diving! But for the last couple of months I have had a few opportunities where I can take my camera and get some photos! It’s a shame I don’t get the opportunity everytime as there are a few that I have seen and have no photo of!


Spiney lobster

Anemone hermit crab

Sponge crab

Strident squat lobster

Sponge crab

Yellow umbrella slug

It’s still one of the coolest things to be able to do e under the water and look and search out the different marine life. It’s great finding something new, and either remembering and researching what it is or to take a photo and do the same. Alternatively, finding something in the books that look interesting and start hunting for it in the water. Either way it’s great fun!

Sponge crab

Shrimp (not sure what kind?)

Locust lobster

Anemone spider crab

Umbrella snail

Sea hare

Mediterranean cowrie



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