GB Cave… finally

So a few years ago we went caving with our friend Tim and last weekend we picked up where we left off! Quite a gap between the trips, but we have been somewhat busy!! When we stopped caving a few years ago, we had done quite a few trips to Swildons and Fairy Cave that developed experience, building up to GB cave. However, before we knew it we departed in our van and we just never got back to it.

In truth I’ve been keen to get back underground for a while now, and I was buzzing when Tim said he was free and we could come up to the club and get stuck into it again.

We set off in the morning, and took a detour to cave-climb in cheddar to buy some new suits. Its fair to say that we got a good deal, and would recommend the place to anyone! We left ready to take on a day in the cave! We eventually arrived at the car park and me and Jess were the shineys, in our fresh suits! Tim’s suit is how its meant to look, so that was our aim for the day.



This cave has been the greatest that we have visited by far! The size of it was also the largest. This meant that for the fatty of the group, me, there was little to worry about. One of the most exciting bits was the duck, taken on our backs and head first. It was good fun, although on the way back through I did have a stone ruining my back on the way back through!



The best part of the whole trip for me was Bat Passage, which had some amazing features! Im so crap at knowing whats what within the cave, These white flowstone waterfalls were fantastic, and realistically one of the reasons I wanted to try caving in the first place was to see these kind of things.





The great chamber was huge, as soon as you enter you see this grand pillar, that has snapped at where they connect due to movement. There is tape on the route to stop cavers straying and damaging delicate parts of the cave. We scrambled up and over the rocks, where we saw a large collection of straws hanging from the ceiling. This was a pretty sight.





Once we finished here and made our way back through the cave, we realised that time was getting on so we had to get out as we were closing on our exit time. We exited via the waterfall that we climbed up, which was weird given that we are both climbers and rarely climb anything wet.





Once we were out, we had a picture to celebrate that we were no longer shineys!! Although to be honest we were still pretty clean. So this means that we are both raring to go on the next adventure and really get dirty!



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