Diving and Training at NDAC

This year’s winter diving has been course orientated in preparation for the upcoming dive season. The last part of this was to complete the accelerated decompression procedures course, and brush up on twin set shut down drills.

I actually did this course a few years ago, but never put in for the tickets, however this time I will put in the paper work! That said, this time I felt I was more prepared for the course and it’s theory was less questions and more understanding.

The days diving started as early as ever, but luckily Phil was driving, so that was great! We arrived and Mike ran through the day. We compared dive plans and after a brew got our kit together and in the water.

There was plenty to practice, including getting comfortable in a new dry suit. The suit was great, but the boots and fins combo not so great. I was wearing Dumbo the clown boots and the fins just sat on the end of these, so I had little control! I felt like my bouyancy was out, but on the surface Mike and Phil said they were happy.

The dives themselves were quite fun, just because we were seeing things that I have not seen much of, boats, helicopters, buses, helicopters, all sorts to explore. Not much wildlife as you might imagine for a quarry, but the vis was good and so much better than Vobster the other week!

The course went well and we eventually finished the day with an extra long drive home. Looking forward to actually diving in the sea! Shame the weather didn’t allow it this weekend, but we’ve already got the next boat booked and I’m looking forward to it!

As was the same last time out the go pro has thrown a hissy fit and is not working. One press and that’s your lot, so the only underwater pics are from one measly video of a bus! Oh well, I have invested in an eBay special, which I have full confidence will not leak and will do the job…..??


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