OFD Upper

It has taken me so long to write about this weekend caving that I’ve already posted about our first day in Dan-yr-Ogaf, whilst I catch up with writing. To be honest I’ve had a couple of lazy week/weekends and therefore should have had these posted weeks ago, but for some reason I’ve not got round to it.

I really enjoyed both caves on this weekend however I enjoyed the second a little more, although I don’t know why? Maybe it was the water features, any time there are waterfalls etc, I seem to enjoy it more.

On entry we quickly made our way through big chamber and past the gnomes and wedding cake features. A bouldering section led to a long section with softer white stone.

We eventually came to a bit of a down climb and had a couple of options down the steeper and thinner walls. Tim took one way and I took the other, it quickly became apparent that my way was much safer and I led down. The walls were pockmarked black, and in what I’ve found is typical in caving, friction and chimneying between walls is the preferred method over finding climbing holds and doing the face. The day before in Dan ye Ogaf the three cavers in the group had chosen to chimney up a section whilst me and Jess (the climbers) found holds and climbed an alternate route instead.

We followed the water downstream, as the route snaked back and forth, occasionally getting a bit squeezed on the bends. It was a pretty section of cave, weirdly thin, especially given the height.

After another series of down climbs we came to a lower stream of water. This time we went upstream and came to a large tunnel that had water pools throughout. Initially we skirted these until it became apparent that the only way forward was through. Every so often we came upon a mini waterfall until eventually we reached the end of the tunnel and the sights and sounds of a pretty waterfall. A nice far point of the cave for us and a great feature to find.

On the way back we came across a wolf head formed by the quartz that fills the gaps in the crack of the rock, which was cool.

We returned the same way, although we detoured just before the white chalk tunnel to look at a couple of the prettier features of the cave. A large fork of stalactites and a lovely vertical tube of flowstone that was layered with different colour sediments. We also found a small crystal pocket that was hidden in a random crack of rock that looked like the fortress of solitude in superman.

I left wanting more, which is without doubt the best feeling to leave a cave with. Next time I will be armed with my new torch and I’m looking forward to seeing more because of it…


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