Diving in Korcula Croatia… so far!

After posting about my experiences as a dive guide after a month I thought it would be good to share some of the amazing photos that I have managed to take when not guiding dives. Although it's not an everyday occurance I do have the chance to get in the water and have a dive... Continue Reading →

As one adventure ends, another begins!

We have just arrived in Korcula, Croatia! We had an early start, with the usual rigmarole of travelling to and from the airport. Weirdly the last month we have spent in the UK has been fantastic weather wise, even so it was hotter on arrival! We were picked up at the airport by my new... Continue Reading →

World War One weekend in Belgium

  As a finale to outer trip, we headed back to Belgium from Amsterdam with a plan to visit some of the battlefield sites and cemeteries of World War One. I have done a battlefield tour sixteen years ago when I first joined the Army, and have ever since, especially in recent years wanted to... Continue Reading →

A day in Amsterdam

We arrived in Amsterdam and managed to get a spot at the Vliegenbos caravan park, our first official night on a campsite in over 11 months on the road, not bad! We were keen to take advantage of the facilities, however we were keener still to get out into Amsterdam and tick off a few... Continue Reading →

A day trip to Ghent

After finishing with our climbing in Fontainebleau we headed north to Belgium where we were to meet with a couple of friends met many years ago, and have ever since planned time and again to meet up, however this has never happened. We arrived in Aalst after a looong drive, and had a few drinks... Continue Reading →

Heading north to Montserrat

I have not written a diary style blog post for a while now, mainly as there has been very little to write about, and rather than write a post for the sake of it, I thought it best to wait until something worthwhile happened! We headed north after Las Fallas, in the general direction of... Continue Reading →

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