Climbing Through History – World War One in the Dolomites

As I have said in the previous posts the Dolomites one of the most beautiful places I have visited, however beneath this veil is the scared history of war. The approach and descent from Sass de Stria, and the climbing around Cinque Torri enabled us to walk through many trenches, look out points and cave... Continue Reading →

Should I stay or should I go now…

We knew on completing our climb on the Vajolet Towers that the weather was changing for the worse! As it turned out, we moved to a new location, Canazai, which had a parking bay on the other side of town that had running water, toilets and bins, all useful when stopping somewhere! As I said,... Continue Reading →

Lake Como

After the minor disaster that was the south coast of France, we were keen to move on and turn a new leaf, so we headed into Italia! We knew the Dolies was the next big destination, but the 7 plus hours driving were a little off putting, so we decided on a slight detour to... Continue Reading →

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