Climbing and Looking for Somewhere to Live – Lake District

Our next big plan is pretty down to earth compared to living in the van, and climbing around in Europe for a year. This next plan still involves climbing, but is also a house hunting trip. Were not literally looking at houses yet, but we are looking at each area with a wider perspective. Hoping... Continue Reading →

Scrambling in North Wales

So after an amazing adventure in Egypt we were back in the UK and planned a climbing adventure in Snowdonia for the second week of our holidays. Unfortunately, a trip to Egypt is often followed by what's politely called an upset tummy (AKA the runs…). So we set off in the van, with the risk... Continue Reading →

Skiing in Chamonix

For years I have come to Chamonix in the summer for rock climbing and mountaineering adventures. I’ve always looked up at these beautiful mountains and wondered what they would look like with their winter coat on and now I have had the chance! We arrived in Chamonix at the start of the month after three... Continue Reading →

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