Alpine Dreaming – Pointes Lachenal Traverse (AD II)

Ever since the beginning of this trip I have had one dream, the Alps. To get stuck into the mountains for no other reasons than I absolutely love it. I don’t know why and I have no answer as to why, it just is amazing. I have been flicking though the Chamonix guide book for... Continue Reading →

Having a ‘gneiss’ time! Bouldering at Col de Montets!

Quite a short post and not much to say on this one to be honest! Just had another down day, and this time the rain has held off long enough to get on some routes and have a good hard days bouldering! A five minute walk from the car park and we were faced with... Continue Reading →

Cham they’re off!

After a few weeks in the burgundy region of France, we made the snap decision for a change of scenery and hit the road, bound for Chamonix. Once we arrived, we had a day off to rest, and managed to sort out some admin in the van and around town. By the end of the... Continue Reading →

Au Revoir Burgundy!

What can I say, Burgundy has delivered, time and again I have been able to reflect on life in a present context. I'm happy to be here, and have enjoyed the entire stay! Whilst driving along I have managed to catch some fragmentary impressions, which have given me glimpses of wonderful things; chateaus and rolling... Continue Reading →

It’s a dog’s life!

Bored, bored , bored… Oh my, what’s that I hear? I stretch my neck and feel my ears go up on end, yeah, I can definitely hear something approaching. Oh look here it is, it’s big, and blue, oh I like it already, let’s run around in circles… Oh crap, big mistake, I’m too hot... Continue Reading →

Climbing in Sausages!

We arrived in Saucisson, or whatever it’s called (actually Le Saussois), just as the evening was creeping in, a little neglected village set in serene surroundings welcomed us. We parked the van in front of a foreboding looking rock face, which I later found out was full of some of the great test pieces of... Continue Reading →

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