Croatia – first impressions

 We drove into Croatia at night after a long day of freeloading wifi and power at the Bled tourist office, as jess has work, its only fair to say how good the office is and the information we received from the staff was above and beyond all other tourism offices we have use on this... Continue Reading →

Why do we say Rome instead of Roma? …and Castel Gandolfo

We left Pompeii unceremoniously after the hassle from police for being in our van. We had planned to spend more time there, however this just put us off and we hotfooted it to Rome, where we found a couple of dedicated motorhome parking and service spots in Castel Gandolfo which were free! Oh why does... Continue Reading →


Our adventures in Sardinia ended with a relaxing day on the beach followed a by the most efficient and relatively comfortable ferry journey to Naples, by relatively comfortable, I mean that me and jess shared a sofa in a corridor for the night, as we saved money by not booking a cabin! We made our... Continue Reading →

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