Should I stay or should I go now…

We knew on completing our climb on the Vajolet Towers that the weather was changing for the worse! As it turned out, we moved to a new location, Canazai, which had a parking bay on the other side of town that had running water, toilets and bins, all useful when stopping somewhere! As I said,... Continue Reading →

Dolomites, we have arrived!! (Vajolet Towers)

We have been planning on getting to the Dolomites for quite a few months now, and finally we are here. Another outdoor playground to set out on a bunch of adventures! First off we have started the trip in the Catinaccio area, also known as the Rosegarten area. Local legend say that Catinaccio was ruled... Continue Reading →

Climbing in Sausages!

We arrived in Saucisson, or whatever it’s called (actually Le Saussois), just as the evening was creeping in, a little neglected village set in serene surroundings welcomed us. We parked the van in front of a foreboding looking rock face, which I later found out was full of some of the great test pieces of... Continue Reading →

Winspit, Swanage

  Had a great day climbing, although somewhat tired from yesterdays diving. We managed to get a few routes in, and as it’s been a while since I last went there it was good to be back. After warming up on anne-marie paid my fee (awesome name!) and another 4c climb. From the 4c we... Continue Reading →

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