First trip of 2021, Part Two

We arrived in Cornwall and was greeted with an amazing sunset and a nice private parking spot!  The next day we headed straight to Bosigran. Unfortunately you are not allowed to stay over night in the car park, and there are signs stating so. This is a common occurrence across the country atm.

We set off to the cliff below with plans to climb on the first buttress with all the easy routes! On our way down we could see the turquoise water below, and the birds flying around the rocks. It’s such a beautiful place. Looking across to Commando Ridge you could see climbers working their way along.

Jess led as I continued to be careful with my back. Allison’s rib was a highlight as was the head wall above. The final corner looking menacing, whilst being quite easy with some massive flakes to hang off!

I was looking across to the main buttress and on the arete I could remember some climbers on it last time we were there. Whilst we had lunch checked what we had climbed on previously, and realised my memory was slightly warped, as we had climbed it last time we were there. It seemed a bit tough to me, so obviously I was braver/better then, than I am now! Although it’s not that hard to be honest!

We finished the say camping at a roadside, with plans to climb sennen the next day. Unfortunately when we got there the rockwas still wet in most places, and we climbed the easy route out. We packed our climbing stiff up and went for a walk across the cliff tops to lands end and then beyond to the beach.

As is always the story in Cornwall, the scenery was  amazing. We relaxed on the beach for a few minutes before retracing our steps back and enjoying a Cornish pasty for tea.

We decided to camp at the rugby club in St Just that night and endured a couple of rainy days. We did have a short walk to the old mine ruins, and saw a couple of seals in the water. Not what we had planned, but better than just sitting in the van. The other treat was the burger at the rugby club. It was topnotch nosh!

Although we had planned to climb more in Cornwall the weather forced our hand, so we drove back to Dartmoor where the weather gods were being more polite! After a mornings drive we were treated to one climb, a small multipitch, but again, rain stopped play. We got lucky as it started raining on the route, and I’m not sure I would have been happy abbing off the crap belay!

That night we stayed in the national park. I enjoyed listening to the bird song and hunting for life in the nearby stream. Nothing much caught my eye, but just a good feeling being outside in nature.

The next morning we retraced our steps once more, heading for Portland via a visit to see and old diving buddy in Exeter. It was good to catch up with Inyaki after a long time. I’m glad that we keep finding excuses to meet up with friends and just hang out. Covid hasn’t helped but it’s been a while since I’ve seen some people and I want to make more effort to see more.

In Portland we stopped at Cheyne Weares, one of my favourite climbing places on the island. I just love the rock there! Over the next two days I managed to climb across a variety of grades from 4-6b, and although I struggled on some, I was surprised by what I could do. Hopefully this would bode well for future climbing trips!

We also met another van couple, who made us aware of the plan by the government to stop our way of travelling. To clamp down on vans wild camping. It’s a shame that this could happen. I’d hate to see it as this van and the adventures we’ve had in it are the best of my life, and to see the opportunity for me, or for others not to get the opportunity to do it, is just sad. It seems another opportunity for those who have to take away from those who do not.


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