Having a ‘gneiss’ time! Bouldering at Col de Montets!

Quite a short post and not much to say on this one to be honest! Just had another down day, and this time the rain has held off long enough to get on some routes and have a good hard days bouldering! A five minute walk from the car park and we were faced with... Continue Reading →


Running Down the Down Days

So on here I have posted much about the days when there is lots going on, I have talked about life in the van a little and although there are adventures taking place pretty regularly out here, there are also days where the sun does not shine and life is put on hold, such as... Continue Reading →

Sleepless in Fontainebleau!

Quite bloody literally, I drove through the night after getting off the ferry. We decided against using the toll roads and taking the extra hour on the journey to save some money. So we arrived in Font at around 7am with zero sleep. We went to bed for a few hours but in the end... Continue Reading →

Southern Sandstone

After a long winter converting my van I finally got around to using the bloody thing, and a weekend stop over in Southern sandstone was the first test, and well, it went well! Nice to use what I've spent so much time building! We first went to one of the minor outcrops, Happy Valley Rocks,... Continue Reading →

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