Why do we say Rome instead of Roma? …and Castel Gandolfo

We left Pompeii unceremoniously after the hassle from police for being in our van. We had planned to spend more time there, however this just put us off and we hotfooted it to Rome, where we found a couple of dedicated motorhome parking and service spots in Castel Gandolfo which were free! Oh why does... Continue Reading →

Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls! – Trail running in Chamonix

'Fancy a 30 minute jog before lunch?' 'Yeah, best get on with it, as we have been so inactive due to rain over the past few days...' That was a snippet from our conversation this morning, so as you might imagine this post is about a run. A couple of weeks before, I had been... Continue Reading →

Running Down the Down Days

So on here I have posted much about the days when there is lots going on, I have talked about life in the van a little and although there are adventures taking place pretty regularly out here, there are also days where the sun does not shine and life is put on hold, such as... Continue Reading →

Au Revoir Burgundy!

What can I say, Burgundy has delivered, time and again I have been able to reflect on life in a present context. I'm happy to be here, and have enjoyed the entire stay! Whilst driving along I have managed to catch some fragmentary impressions, which have given me glimpses of wonderful things; chateaus and rolling... Continue Reading →

Run Forest, Run!

After a day of Wi-Fi and Plug hogging in McDonald's, it was time to get back into the wild. Although not too far into it, as we needed the Internet again tomorrow for Jess's work! So we drove a couple of miles out of Avallon towards Pontaubert and turned off onto the Route de Cousin... Continue Reading →

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