Aiguillette d’Argentiere

So not much to say on the general trip that built up to this climb, as it was a pretty dismal couple of weeks, with bad weather and bad moods not helping during the time spent in the Alps. We had failed on a route on Montagne des Agneaux in Ecrins and the weather had scuppered any climbing plans after that. So we headed to Chamonix in the hope of some better weather.

We actually got a break in the weather and went up to Aiguille du Tour, which took a couple of days. And then again we were hit by the weather for a couple of days, so more beer and pizza to keep our moral high. Tensions were high throughout this trip, I do not know why and I really don’t know why sometimes it happens, maybe it was group dynamics, the mix of crap weather with little time? Who knows, but finally we got a nice day.

We parked in one of the laybys just past Argentiere, we was going to start the walk in to the Aiguillette d’Argentiere. I believe this walk in is part of the Tour de Mont Blanc trail, so is nice enough by itself. We passed a few walkers and kept keeping an eye out for the obvious point of rock that was next to the path, we passed a few climbs on the slabs to the right. But did not know what routes they were as we did not have the guide book. Once at the Aiguillette I could not wait to get on and get the classic summit photo. We were a group of three so mike stayed at the bottom and jess and me did the climb and mike would go up next.

I believe we did the Arête Nord-Est route that is graded 5a, which I would say was right. As the route is bolted route finding was easy and the route itself was pretty easy and over quite quickly, although I did enjoy the movement around the top of the climb moving from face to face around the arêtes gave a different element to a simple climb. Finally I got to the top and have a few summit shots taken by mike, within reason this was the only reason I wanted to climb this as I had seen other pictures of it and wanted one for myself.

After the abseil Jess and mike went up the same route and I sat at the bottom taking intermittent pictures and hanging out with a few mountain goats that were climbing some of the slabs next to me. The sun was slowly setting and we made our way down to the car and onto the campsite, where we treated ourselves to freshly made crepes!

This to me was one of the best days of this trip and the final photo was certainly what I was coveting at the start of the day!

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